Always, art has been the core of the human soul. Always, art has been the soul of Rome and Italy,the most fertile grounds of its expression and development of all times. Rome is a city that lives on the memories of its glorious past and its cultural prestige from a long time now, but ma is underdeveloped respect more modern concepts and trends.


Area Contesa Artewould like to rivamp the concept of art in Rome, thanks to its professional and innovative approach, confirming its right place between the contemporary art capitals.

Tina e Teresa Zurlo ‘s project takes life intentionally among one of the most well-known and fascinating roman streets, Via Margutta number 90: a way that always has dressed a fundamental role of the artistic roman and italian life; where the events and the lives of our cardinal artistic figures happened-as Federico Fellini,As Anna Magnani, Pasolini and de Chirico

Area Contesa Arte is not an “art gallery” strictly to the term, but it’a concept that embrace art in all its form, a Concept Art Shop where art is not just purchased but enjoyed at 360°.

Our conceptual structure is shared in two different paths: one is named “Art Evolution” and consist of the traditional art form of expression, like visual arts, literature music ans so on…following the evolutive path of art in its historical meaning.

The second one, named “Creative Metamorphosis” is focused on the current forms of aestethic communication originated from modern issues (design, fashion, jewerly art, gourmet food, and so on).

Area Contesa Arte re-found an old-fashioned way of show and enjoy art, placing it in the right context. Our space initiatives are not simply expository, but culturally active also, because Tina and Teresa laboriously work to a tick time schedule of initiatives suitable to contextualize our artworks,among a world of ententeirnament, cultural exchange, educational and research areas, in order to accoplish the experience of costumers and artists themselves.
All in all, Area Contesa Arte choose its mission: enjoyng, making and marketing a concept. You must live the art.


Edoardo De Filippo

Revamping and relaunching the world of roman today’s art are the successes we would like to achieve , introducing ourselves on the market as a “Trait d’Union” between the artist- who’s going to freely create- and the passionate- who wants to beneficiate of the artwork’s emotions. Our job issue consist to develope a virtous circle apt to remove barriers between the two.

We hope to see you soon at our space, to start a new strong and long collaboration.

Tina e Teresa Zurlo